Sportswear Buying Behavior of University Students

Sportswear attracts a younger consumer because it is trendy and pleasing aesthetically. University students form a significant figure of sportswear consumers. Sports are one of the necessary elements in maintaining life in a balanced and healthier way. Here are just some of the ways that impact the buying of sportswear by university students;

Fitting and comfort

How comfortable and how well sportswear fits influences sportswear buying by university students. Most students prefer wearing fitting attire to showcase their strong muscles that protrude. For them, this feels better and comfortable than wearing baggy sportswear.

Aesthetic properties

They also impact the decision of buying sportswear by university students. It is because they want something that makes them feel beautiful when they walk in the gym or playground. What looks good is more likely to be worn by a whole team on the football pitch.

Love for sports

Students love sports as a leisure activity, hence this love also impacts the decision of buying sportswear by university students. You will find them wearing sports attires that have branded names of the teams they love or follow.


Fashion designers tend to emphasize consumer preference. This makes most university students prefer what is fashionable unlike what is old-fashioned. No one wants to be left out of the latest fashion trends. Other students will rock the sportswear even when attending classes as a way of fashion. For that reason, fashion also emphasizes the buying of sportswear by university students.

Marketing ideas

Innovative marketing ideas by fashion companies university students into buying the products. They prefer buying from companies that have the best advertisements or discounts for their sportswear.


The sportswear buying behavior of university students is influenced by the aesthetic features, comfort in casual sportswear, and evolution in fashion trends. Changes in lifestyles and consumer tastes affect their preferences too.